The INSEDA association has built 300,000 household biogas plants in India as of December 2015. INSEDA has implemented the Deen Bandhu and Grameen Bandhu plant. The Secretary General of INSEDA, Raymond Myles, was the technical team leader of the group that designed and developed the Deen Bandhu biogas plant which is at present the most widely built plant under MNRE.

He also designed the Grameen Bandhu plant, a bamboo reinforced cement mortar plant, in 1995. This technology completely replaces bricks in areas where bamboo is available in plenty. This model won the World Bank Development Marketplace popular choice award in 2008. This Grameen Bandhu model was also a finalist in the Lockheed Martin-FICCI-Stanford India Innovation Growth Programme of 2012-13.

Grameen Bandhu

You can download the manual for the step by step construction of the Grameen Bandhu plant. This is a practical pictorial guide. We support the sharing of information, however, please give INSEDA credit for this if you decide to share this guide and the biogas plant design:

Grameen Bandhu Biogas Plant Technical guide

Biphasic Multi-feed Biogas Plant

As part of project with ASDA (a Finnish NGO) and supported by the Finnish government, INSEDA designed, developed and installed a multi-feed demonstration biogas plant based on bi-phase digestion process in the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market (F&VWSM) of Azadpur, New Delhi. This plant was installed for a lady tea shop owner and her family on the small space provided to her by the local Municipal Corporation. This is a 1 cubic metre capacity bi-phasic biogas plant. The shop owner and her family is feeding the plant daily with 10-15 kg of the organic (biodegradable) waste generated from the food and other items cooked by them as well as fruit and vegetable wastes collected from the adjoining Mandi (F&VWSM) at Azadpur.