Agricultural Manuals- Part 1

A lot of work has been done by independent researchers on the area of agricultural innovations and documentation of farming practices. Included in this page are a list of resources, pamphlets and write ups by INSEDA’s board member, Dr. K.T. Chandy.

Dr. K.T. Chandy is the President of INSEDA. He was the Director of the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi and was also the Professor of St. Xavier’s Institute, Bhuvaneshwar.

Agricultural Research and Education in India

Agricultural Technology for Small Farmers

Agriculture and Its Origin

Agriculture Extension

Agriculture in India


Agroclimatic Divisions of India

Alternatives to Shifting Cultivation

Irrigation Cooperatives

Water Resources and Utilisation in India

Watershed Manangement

NABARD-Organisational Set-up and Functions

Natural Farming



Kitchen Garden a New Sustainable Model

Multiple Cropping

Neem Utilisation

Nursery Raising

Poultry Breeding