EVD Publications

Some EVD Publications

  1. INSEDA 2nd issue of INFORSE South Asia Newsletter 2 Download File
  2. Emission Reduction EVD 21-07-2017 Download File
  3. Impact Assessment ReportDownload File
  4. EVD South Asia publication JULY 2017 F-reduced Download File
  5. INFORSE South Asia Electronic Newsletter on EVD- Inaugural Issue (Modified Version).
  6. INFORSE South Asia Electronic Newsletter on EVD- Inaugural Issue.
  7. Documentary on Eco Village Development India
  8. Frugal Technology helps in climate cause an article by The Third Pole.
  9. An article by The Third Pole on Small sustainability initiative changes women’s lives in a big way
  10. Sustainable Energy News Issue 81.
  11. Sustainable Energy News Issue 80.
  12. You can read the latest issue of Sustainable Energy News (Issue 79) here. This is the newsletter published by the INFORSE Network. The last three issues (77, 78 and 79 have features and news on the EVD project).
  13. Sustainable Energy News (Issue 78).
  14. Sustainable Energy News, Issue 77.
  15. Newspaper clippings from India
  16. Report on National Dialogue on Eco Village Development as a Strategy for Climate Resilient Sustainable Development for India
  17. Working Paper on Scaling up Eco Village Development
  18. You can learn much more about the EVD concept in detail along with some great case studies and policy recommendations in this comprehensive EVD publication that the project partners collectively developed.
  19. You can also read this EVD publication in Hindi here.
  20. Read the concept note on bamboo based climate resilient EVD technologies that was prepared by INSEDA.
  21. Interview with Discourse Media on Energy Access
  22. COP 21 Policy Brief
  23. You can read some of our EVD case studies showing the positive impact it has had on the beneficiaries social and economic wellbeing.
  24. You can also learn more about various other EVD strategies related to food production and agriculture in our collection of papers here and here.